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I was trained in strategic marketing and arts management. Currently I
am doing a PhD research aiming at the interaction, collaboration and
knowledge sharing and dissemination among creative SME's within the
creative cluster in China.

Since 2007 I have co-founded Da-Tong China Desk Creative Industry in
the Netherlands to provide services to European creative
entrepreneurs, organizations and governments to establish
collaboration in China. After coming back to China in 2008 I started
to chair a monthly gathering of creative professional in Shanghai: 3S
ReUnion to talk about the the social, economical and cultural
embedding of new media, recently we are broading up this gathering to
all the professionals who want to share knowledge across disciplines.
In the coming year I am looking forward to setting up a coworking
space in Shanghai for creative professionals for knowledge sharing and
creative collaborations. 3S ReUnion will be integrated as one of the
community building tools for the space to sustain space as a place of
creativity, connectivity and knowledge sharing.

I am now doing investigation of the concept of coworking and preparing
a business plan for this coworking space. I find the information
posted here are extremely helpful, thanks for creating this group!!!.
The most important lesson I have learned is consider this coworking
space as a community rather than a profit-center while operating more
professionally by understanding the target customers of the space by
segments and get the financial homework done by calculating the cost
and budgeting the revenues...

Meanwhile, I am leaving the project open to many friends from various
of disciplines right now because we want to combine knowledge and
resources to set the space up, I am little worried about fairness of
getting everyone rewarded for what they do, either financially or non-
financially,Ithink I should make clear with everyone about their
motivation and interest in the project so as to avoid misunderstanding
and misuse in the future?


Вот так идут дела в окружающем мире. Вот такие люди интересуются коворкингом. Почему у нас-то все так тихо, черт побери???

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